Hello3Dworld applies AI for digital transformation to build a 3D digital world on the internet, where users can easily create their 3D Avatars and their iSpaces in just some simple steps. Then they can participate in activities similar to our daily life, such as: shopping, entertainment, working, studying, traveling,... We're transforming the Web2D into Web3D, bringing the real world into the internet.

Realizing the vast and possibly unlimited potential to change the way we work, play and live, Hello3Dworld was born with the desire to build a Digital Twin, a digital representation of a real-world entity or system, that was connected and closest with what's happening in the current offline world.

Our product is different from others because: firstly, our AI tools can create 3D digital Avatars & iSpaces from a huge database 3D resources; secondly, our slogan is “Real World on the Internet”, therefore, we try to simulate as close to the real world as possible, thirdly we keep the reasonable cost for brands & users joining.

None, our product is a web-based application. Therefore you can view in any modern browsers.

Yes of course we will. But for now, we want to observe the crypto market a little bit until it’s more stable and legal.